1. How can I submit something to be published? Please email your story to us! We are always craving more stories to be published on this website. After your story is emailed, it’ll be reviewed and edited (if need be) and later on published. Please include your name (you can use only your first name if so desired), age, and what your disability is (example: disease, chronic illness, etc).

2. What are your posting guidelines for stories? Anything that is crude, ignorant, offensive, etc. will NOT be posted. If your story is deemed against our guidelines, you will not be published. We strive to make this a wonderful space for young women to elderly women with disabilities. If I find your post extremely rude (strong tones of racism, ableism, perverted), you will be blocked from the site. This behavior is a rarity, but it’s important to acknowledge these things.

3. Who is the “Girl in the Pink Wheelchair”? The name “The Girl in the Pink Wheelchair” came to me after watching one of my favorite movies, “Confessions of a Shopaholic” (such a guilty pleasure!). The main character in that novel named her writing alter-ego “The Girl in the Green Scarf”. I at the time was getting inspired to create this website and then “The Girl in the Pink Wheelchair” came to me. It symbolized strength, femininity and fierceness…. the things that society attempts to rip from me as a disabled woman. “TGIPW” represents each and everyone of you.

4. What is “Pink Girls”? You! Pink Girls is the branch of “TGIPW”. It is each and everyone of you. It represents your beauty, your strength, and positivity. By being a proud “Pink Girl” you are embracing the wonderful woman within! All merchandise is marked as “Pink Girls”. Each and everyone is a beautiful “Pink Girl”!

5. Are you LGQBT safe? Completely and absolutely. If you ever feel any sense of homophobia on this site, please quickly report it and we handle it. We do not tolerate any hatred on this website.



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