Our Message

This website organization is a way for disabled women to have a place to express their struggles, their strength, share themselves and find solace in each other.

The website is dedicated to navigating life as a disabled woman.

Whether you struggle with a hereditary disease or now suddenly suffering a life changing chronic illness, this site is for you.

We are continually sharing articles written by disabled women. We have a wonderful anonymous advice columnist who answers every question whether it’s questions seeking advice for self esteem or how to navigate the weather in a wheelchair. We have articles written by beautifully fashionable women and their outfits. We have articles featuring inspirational women who defy society’s standards.

TGITPW was built by disabled women and is ran by disabled women.

Why do I refer to this site as “we”? Because we are a community. Without each of you, this site would not exist. Your voice matters, and together, we are strong and powerful. Together we defy odds and encourage one another.

This is a website of fellowship and continual learning.

Have more questions on what TGITPW represents?

Please consult our FAQ, use our Contact feature or email us.


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